All registered voters to get mail in ballot requests for presidential election

Over 193,000 people registered to vote in Lancaster County
Published: Jul. 6, 2020 at 8:57 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -It’s 120 days until the November election, but today is the first day you can officially request an absentee ballot. The Lancaster Co. Election Commission said people who request it early, will likely get their ballot by late September. Lancaster County voter Robert Way said he’s voting by mail not just to protect himself from COVID-19.

“Usually when I get my ballot, I know some of the people I’m going to vote for,” Way said, “But there are others I want to take a look at.” Even if you don’t request a ballot, the Lancaster Co. Election will send all registered voters (over 190,000) mail-in ballot requests. The county election commissioner said 86 percent of county votes from the primary election, was mailed in.

“I have found in the past that once someone votes by mail, they tend to do that because they enjoy it,” Election commissioner Dave Shivley said. The Lancaster county election commissioner says he expects mail-in voting numbers to continue rising even after the county reported some of its highest numbers from the primary.

“It’s more simplified for them,” Shivley said, “It’s easier and probably do a little more research and that type of thing.” When voters receive their mail-in ballot request, they will also be told where their polling place is if they choose to vote in person. The Lancaster Co. Election Commission expects a similar voter turnout from previous Presidential elections, which is right around 70 percent of registered voters.

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