A visit to Yellow Calf Studio

Published: Jul. 15, 2020 at 6:17 PM CDT
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Lincoln, Neb. (KOLN) - Just west of Thedford, Linda Egle finds her inspiration for western bronze art surrounded by the beautiful Sandhills of Nebraska.

Egle has been producing bronze art since 1982. She was born in California, grew up in Arizona, but put roots down in Nebraska. “I came to Nebraska with friends right after high school,” Egle said. “I met my husband on a blind date, and I’ve been here ever since.”

Egle says her interest in sculpture started when she wanted to own a bronze, but couldn’t afford it. “I thought I’ll just make one. I should have just learned to knit, because it would have been a lot cheaper, and a lot easier,” Egle joked.

“I do commission work, and we’ve gone to many shows, although I don’t do many shows right now,” Egle said. “We still do some ranching, but I would like to get back into shows again.” Egle said she has people come to visit her studio, and it’s all about word of mouth, too.

The story of the Haumann sisters is remembered in downtown Thedford. In 1891, the two girls got lost in the Sandhills, and one of them died. She wanted to do a sculpture of this, and found out the town was working on a way to remember them. So Egle was able to do a life-sized bronze of the girls, and it now sits in Thedford next to a historical marker that tells the story.

It takes quite a bit of work in making a bronze. “Once I think about (what I want to do), we go to a wire armature,” Egle said. “From that, we make a mold, a two-part latex and plaster-supported mold. You open that mold, take the clay out, and use that mold to pour a hollow wax pattern. Then, the wax at the foundry is invested with a solution that dries it into a hard shell, and that’s heated up. The wax is poured out, and the melted bronze is poured into that space where the wax was. Then that shell is blasted off, and the metal is sandblasted, and the pitna is put on, that’s the coloring.”

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