Dining at RW’s

Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 12:02 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A husband and wife team are having a big impact on the dining scene in south central Nebraska by serving customers hearty meals.

Susie and Kurtis Elting run the business called “RW’s Dining and Drinks” on main street in Davenport. “The building had been sitting empty for several months,” Susie said. “We decided to start a business, and get something going with it. That’s what I was going to do.” Susie says not long after that, Kurtis had a bad farm accident with anhydrous ammonia. When he recovered, he decided to join the cafe business, too.

What makes the restaurant such a good place to eat? Susie says she tries to do things the way her mom might have done it. “I’ve always loved to cook and make things homemade,” Susie said. “We just keep continuing with Kurtis’ mom’s recipes, my mom’s recipes, combining those things, and making things homemade because that’s what works for us.”

Kurtis points out that the restaurant does not buy processed foods. “Our steaks are all brought to us individually, and never frozen,” Kurtis said. Other highlights on the menu include 1/2 pound burgers, and items they’ve developed or people have requested. “It’s back to the homemade thing,” Susie said. “It’s like the cafe where I grew up, where he grew up, where we dated. It’s more simple. There’s a lot of big, beautiful things out there, but to me, coming back to the home basics and what we make here, makes a difference.”

The restaurant is called RW’s because mostly everyone in the family has initials of R and W. “My dad’s name was Robert William,” Susie said. “My sons are Reuben William, and Remington Wells.” Susie adds that her grandkids also have initials with RW. So, the idea of calling the business RW’s just seemed fitting. “The hours are long, but I’m really enjoying being around the people, working, and doing the cooking,” Kurtis said.

So, the next time you are in Davenport, and have a big appetite, consider a visit to RW’s Dining and Drinks.

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