Our Town Staplehurst

Published: Sep. 9, 2020 at 1:52 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The Seward County community of Staplehurst has both plenty of heart and history to share with the state.

Cori Stava is a proud business owner in the community of Staplehurst. She operates Cross Creek Animal Health Center. “I went to the University of Nebraska, then Kansas State University for veterinary medicine,” Stava said. After working in Valentine, and in Iowa, she returned home. “My husband and I are both from Staplehurst, so our goal was to come back and start a practice here,” Stava said. The business started in 2014, and it’s going well.

“It’s kind of nice because I can do mixed animals, so having large animals in town isn’t as big of a deal as in a big city where people don’t appreciate that as much,” Stava said. “So, that’s worked out well here, and there’s just more room for trailers to maneuver.”

People are proud of this veterinarian business, just like they are proud of the entire town itself. “If you like the ag communities, it’s definitely an ag community,” resident Stuart Daehling said. Daehling is an involved community member. He’s served on the fire department over the years, and is currently the treasurer of the community hall. There are many reasons why people enjoy calling Staplehurst home. One of the reasons could be the annual liver and onions feed put on by the men’s community club in town. The feed happens annually on President’s Day. It’s a money maker for the club. “We line it up by the serving window, and that’s all you can eat,” Daehling said. “So you can go back as many times as you like, and people come from Lincoln, Columbus, and other places.”

Another reason why Staplehurst stands out, is its connection to baseball. It’s been played here for years, and played very well. “I remember my dad saying my grandpa played,” Russ Daehling said. He’s both played and coached baseball in Staplehurst over the years. “I remember talking to a lot of older residents talking about the baseball days on Sunday afternoons, and what a great pastime it was, and it was the big thing for everyone.”

Not only did Staplehurst field girls softball and Legion baseball teams, the community even had a semi-pro team. “It was something of a pride item that a small town could be that successful against larger communities,” Daehling said. “We were highlighted in 1984 by the Nebraska Semi-Pro Baseball Committee, being named the Nebraska Baseball Capital.” Trophies in the community hall still remind residents and visitors of the influence of baseball in Staplehurst. Today, the semi-pro team no longer exists, but baseball and softball is still played in the summer.

Another source of pride in town is “Our Redeemer Lutheran School”. The K-8 school connects many families to town. “There’s been a lot more outreach done in the last few years,” Stava said. “Even people who don’t belong to the church, they become involved by coming to school activities and tying the community together more, which I think has been really important.”

People like Staplehurst resident Cori Stava enjoy the small town life. “We are 30 minutes from Lincoln, we are 10 minutes from Seward, but I still like the small town atmosphere and just being more laid back, and knowing the person walking down the street from your house,” Stava said.

It’s that sense of community that gives people in Staplehurst good reason to say they are living the good life.

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