Rosie’s expands during pandemic with downtown location

Published: Aug. 19, 2021 at 9:06 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - It’s no surprise that businesses had to adjust during the pandemic in order to keep their doors open. One Capital City bar and restaurant has actually expanded during this challenging time.

Rosie’s Bar and Grill is known as a popular south Lincoln neighborhood spot. Instead of closing during the pandemic, the owner was able to add a second location.

The Rosie’s Downtown sign is easily spotted on the corner of 10th and P Streets where Single Barrel used to be. The new spot opened its doors two weeks ago.

“We rushed to get open for Garth and it was well worth it,” said Ryan Rosenstiel, Rosie’s Owner.

Owner Ryan Rosenstiel said they don’t have all the chairs and tables they want because they’re currently on back order. That wasn’t going to hold them back from one of Lincoln’s busiest weekends with Garth Brooks in town.

“It was a great baptism by fire,” said Rosenstiel. “You couldn’t learn any better how to handle downtown crowds by jumping right in. We jumped right in and it was absolutely insane.”

The Rosie’s south location has been open for eight years and expanding the businesses had been on the owner’s mind.

“We have a lot of western Nebraska fans who come to town for concerts, football season, and I got tired of them saying ‘We’d come out and see you but you’re too far from downtown,’ so now they have no excuse,” said Rosenstiel.

The restaurant is still featuring the Single Barrel stage for live music. It also has a garage and patio for outdoor seating. The main change includes the addition of 34 televisions for gamedays.

“With the pandemic we took a chance,” said Rosenstiel. “With our loyal customers down south we just kept winning, so now is the time and we’re actually ahead of something for once. We look forward to being a part of downtown Lincoln for a long time.”

The owner said they are constantly hiring experienced employees. Right now the downtown location has 35 to 45 staff members, and they could probably use 10 more on gamedays.

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