YMCA of Lincoln Giving Tree gifting presents to every student at Elliott Elementary

Published: Dec. 1, 2021 at 8:19 AM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - For roughly a decade the YMCA of Lincoln Giving Tree has helped families in Lincoln by offering a gift to every child at Elliott Elementary.

YMCA staff said not every kid at Elliott is able to get a present for the holidays and they’re changing that with the Giving Tree. Each tree has dozens of ornaments, each on representing a specific student. Anyone in Lincoln can take an ornament off the tree and buy a gift for that student.

“This way of doing this I think is very special because it doesn’t make anyone seem more or less in need,” Alexis Lipson, Program Director with the YMCA of Lincoln said, “Treat everyone as if they all deserve a little extra joy around the holidays.”

The YMCA of Lincoln serves 350 to 400 students at Elliott Elementary every year and part of what makes the Giving Tree so special is that the entire student body at gets the opportunity to celebrate more and receive a present.

Teachers will hand out gifts on December 14 and personalize each gift to a student.

“Getting to see a group of kids open gifts that are very specific to their own interests, their dreams and the things they wanted for the holiday is just really heartwarming,” Lipson said, “It’s really just a time to slow down and feel some joy for the holiday.”

The last day to place a gift under the tree at any YMCA of Lincoln location is Friday, December 3. YMCA staffers said this last push for gifts is important in making sure not a single student is left out.

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