Children’s Hospital and Medical Center and NDOE launch Max the Vax Campaign

Published: Dec. 7, 2021 at 10:06 PM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -Over 82,000 children from the ages of five to 19 have been vaccinated in the state. Nebraska’s top children’s physicians said that’s a good start, but we need to improve. The Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, along with the Nebraska Department of Education, launched the Max the Vax Campaign on Tuesday.

It’s a campaign aimed at educating parents in a language they understand and from people they trust. Over 100 Nebraska physicians and health care providers joined together to support and endorse the COVID-19 vaccine in children.

Pediatricians said the initial hope that COVID-19 didn’t impact children was incorrect.

“Our initial hopes that COVID would not impact our children, that did not bare out as the variants have changed we’ve seen a larger and larger impact on our children,” said Sharon Stoolman, M.D. Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. “Many would say is the vaccine necessary for kids? The answer is yes. The vaccine is necessary to keep kids out of the hospital and in the classroom.”

The Max the Vax Campaign is designed to give parents information that are still unsure about the vaccine, to help find a vaccine clinic and provide other resources.

Nebraska’s top children’s physicians said the state’s got a good start on vaccinating children ages five to 19, but we need to continue to push for more vaccinations to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The state’s top health officials are pushing for parents to get their children vaccinated. Not only does getting them vaccinated protect them from COVID-19, but also keeps them in school

A recent study from the Nebraska Department of Education showed in-person learners outperformed remote-learners in nearly every assessment.

“We want to keep parents able to be productive in the workforce as well,” said Matthew Blomstedt, Ph. D., Commissioner of Education, Nebraska Department of Education. “All of this system has to function and work really well for us to be successful coming through the pandemic. And this vaccination and this opportunity to “Max the Vax” really gives us this chance to unite together.”

Officials said, as parents, they know the decision to get your child vaccinated shouldn’t be taken lightly.

“As a parent, I also understand that a new vaccine can cause anxiety, that is why we’re working to provide resources, support and education for families that have questions and concerns about this vaccine,” said Emily Braun, M.D., OneWorld Community Health Centers. “We are here for you and want to provide a trusted source of information while you are trying to keep your children safe and healthy.”

All the information, and other vaccine resources, can be found here.

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