Our Town Cozad: Camp Comeca

Published: Aug. 23, 2019 at 4:05 PM CDT
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If you are looking to get away from the distractions of life, you might consider spending a few days at the beautiful Camp Comeca just south of Cozad.

We caught up with Justin Hoehner, who is the director of the camp. He says the camp started in 1950, when a local United Methodist pastor decided to create a youth camp. He was able to purchase the land, and the camp grew from there. There are fantastic views everywhere you look around Camp Comeca. When you walk into the dining hall, you can see Midway Lake through the back window. "You see the Platte River Valley, or other hills in every direction," Hoehner said. "We have a hotel, we have the Wilson Center which features an indoor pool, and right next to that we have an indoor gym, with a rock wall in the corner."

Camp Comeca is used for everything from men's retreats to Bible students, and it offers many programs for youth. "We have tons of activities from zip-lining, to archery, to a low-ropes course," Hoehner said. "During more of the off season, we have more adult retreats that come out and spend time. I think the number one thing that people can gain from coming out here, and experiencing the great views, is they can get away, and find Christ in a new way."

At Camp Comeca, Hoehner says his staff tries to minimize distractions for people who are retreating to the camp. "When your group comes, we will have the rooms cleaned for you, we will have the meeting room set up for you, and we will have the menu picked out. All you have to do is come and find peace," Hoehner said.