Roots to Shoots: Offering Kids Therapies and Experiences to Grow Up Healthy

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Butler County Health Care Center’s Roots to Shoots Pediatric Therapy Clinic helps kids grow up healthy and strong.

Roots to Shoots specializes in meeting the therapy needs of children. The space has two treatment rooms, a feeding room and a large therapy gym. The multi-use area creates elements of therapy in a fun and safe environment for children.

A physical therapist at Roots says there are so many options for treatment at Roots and Shoots.

“We provide a variety of services for kids age birth to 21,” says Kristine Polacek, PT, DPT. “We do physical therapy, which works on the gross motor skills. We have occupational therapy and that kind of works on those independent visual motor, fine motor, and sensory motor skills.

Roots to Shoots also has a speech therapist that can work on all areas of communication.

“We can help with language skills from their first words to communicating with their peers when they’re older,” says Polacek. “And then we also have a team of occupational and speech therapists who get to work on feeding and swallowing with our kiddos.”

“The Roots to Shoots facility in David City not only benefits the community, but surrounding communities, too,” says speech therapist Laini Eddy, M.S., CCC-SLP.

“I think [it is] a really great advantage for parents to bring their kids here and kind of cut back on that drive time to maybe some of those larger metropolitan areas,” says Eddy. “We also offer some community integration with visiting local daycares and discussing developmental milestones.”

Polacek says the environment at Roots to Shoots is really engaging for kids and gives them a great sensory experience.

“We have the tree which has anchors to put swings on,” says Polacek. “We have a treatment room within the tree, which is right in the sensory environment. Then we also have our gym space which gets more of an open environment, and all of our private treatment rooms, as well as the kitchen. "

The goal is for kids to get better and have some fun at Roots to Shoots Pediatric Therapy Clinic. Learn more about the facility here.

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