Sewing is for Everyone: No Matter Your Skill Level, Sew Creative Can Help With Any Project

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Whether you are learning to sew, or you are an accomplished seamstress looking for a new machine, Sew Creative has you covered.

Owner Barb Sorensen joined Local Everyday to talk about the store and what’s offered.

“The business actually opened in 1978. My husband, Paul, and I bought the store in 2004,” Sorensen says.

Many people out there probably wish they knew more about sewing or maybe just want to get started, and Sew Creative offers classes for all.

“We have specific classes, on maybe making a quilt, or garments,” says Sorensen. “We also have open sew time, and if you buy a machine from us, we will do something called an owner class for you. For anyone that purchases a machine, we go through the basics of machine, so you don’t have to take it home and just figure out this box on your own. We teach you the basics of the machine and get you started.”

Sew Creative offers quality sewing machines and equipment for all price ranges and skill levels.

“We sell Baby Lock, Elna and Husqvarna Viking sewing machines. We have Sergers embroidery machines. So we like to think that we have something for everybody,” says Sorensen.

When someone visits the store, the staff will talk with them about what they need.

“If someone has absolutely no experience at all, we can ask questions and figure out what they need and want,” says Sorensen. “If someone does have a lot of experience, we can ask different questions, and figure out what they might want to upgrade to.”

And Sew Creative has all the items you’d need for any project.

“We have all kinds of fabrics. We love our fabric,” says Sorensen. “We have notions. We have thread. We pretty much have anything that you would need for your project.”

The shop is located close to 48th and Highway 2, at 5143 South 48th, near the Sutter Place Mall. No matter your experience level, those at Sew Creative want to help you, even if it’s just something like learning how to sew on a button, they’ll always try to help.

“We love sewing and we love sharing our knowledge, so we like to think that we will help anybody with any sewing-related issue,” says Sorensen.

They have classes for those who wish to broaden any sewing skills, or just get started. Classes are listed on Sew Creative’s online calendar.

Learn more about Sew Creative on their website or contact them.